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talk with the international monetary fund, and they're very close to defaulting. ukraine needs international help. they're trying to get officials in place, a government in place so they can bridge this gap and make it very quick and make sure that they don't default. so they can pay their people next week. >> jennifer glass is with us from southern ukraine. secretary of state john kerry also says it would be a grave mistake for russia to embark on any kind of military intervention in ukraine. earlier today russian president vladimir putin ordered an urgent drill to test the readiness of forces in russia including the boarders of ukraine. >> we know that vladimir putin had a meeting with his security council on tuesday, in which ukraine was certainly discussed. we know on wednesday two of russia's four military districts were put on high alert. there is nothing that links this alert with what is going on in ukraine. the military analysts we've been speaking to here said this kind of military alert is not uncommon. it's been done six times since february of last year. it's somet
not pay any attention. the problem in ukraine is an internal problem. the fact that the party did not rally to yanukovych shows the party knows the future lies in the west. there are few oligarchs that one a close economic relationship with russia. they realize the eurasian economic union is a bridge to the past. ukraine has the know-how and the wherewithal to stand up to russian pressure. >> what percentage of the population believes what you just said? 60%? >> a clear majority, 55% or so. among the elites, including the richests, including be men in ukraine, is closely to 90%. haveussian oligarchs influence in the kremlin -- they are the kremlin, whereas they have no such influence. at is what you see no rallying to yanukovych. >> what possibility exist for a western agreement with russia to avoid the crisis or figure out a way that works in the best interest of ukraine and the best interest of the people both east and west in ukraine. a lot of the so-called ukrainian nationalist elite are the opposition who feel more comfortable in russia been ukraine. you have an identity the.
ukraine's parliament called on the international criminal court in the hague to prosecute the former viktor yanukovych. >> across the united states we are seeing a line of snow showers from montana, wyoming to the east. we are looking at cold temperatures, windchills diving down to minus 40, and that is dangerous if you are out there. so we are going to see the temperatures staying low over the next five days. from minneapolis, 16 degrees will be high. as we go through the rest of the week, look at the minus temperatures. overnight lows minus 16, and that doesn't include low wind chills we see as well across the region, across the north-west there's a break in the rain for parts of washington, where we are seeing more rain, towards california. it will be a good thing. the drought situation is in effect across the region. temperatures are 62 degrees. we expect to see better conditions in terms of rain. rain on thursday. 53 degrees on friday, diving down 44 degrees as we go towards the weekend. across california. we expect more rain over the next couple of days, wednesday, thursday, fr
his trial at the icc international criminal court suggesting that to ukraine's judicial system is not capable of handling that trial very very interesting law that was passed here for the interior minister putting out a warrant for the rest of the rest of others but who were and the interior ministry for quote of mass murder charges for the events of. the excuse me of last week we can expect that to diplomacy to continue on the ground we know that william burns the deputy secretary of state from the united states will meet with the roberts area via the un on with funky ones on the boys are really in the middle east but here's course on special assignment and we also know that there'll be a representative from the osce who are writing here who have arrived here to begin monitoring the events here and also making us wait for smooth transition for those thirty presidential elections that are still to happen on the twenty fifth so very busy but if you're coming hours and of course very busy and coming days ahead of us were like rory and i will have you covering enforcement effects
admits the bailout has gone to plan. i am the mosque what unites the international arena jace while political shockwaves shaped ukraine it's now the country's south where tensions are the highest for more than ten thousand people have surrounded the parliament building in crimea has made a cd. and you are now watching live pictures right here from some trouble with the capital of a radio were two factions are rallying for and against the new leadership in. he asked scuffles have been reported announced earlier protesters attempted to storm the building where local lawmakers are deciding on whether the region should break away from ukraine were closely following the situation there on the ground in years reports now of course on the corporate spin off. i did it. right now. granted the one who is now in the meantime in another city given that twenty at around sixty miles away in the city of was this about school which is also to bring second largest seaport up roadblocks and protested and taken place that's all for the past few days including today but adding from the local administra
will to fight corruption and hencey ukraine is described by transparency international the n.g.o. watchdog on corruption as the most corrupt country in europe, so it's a massive task for any clit approximately leadership. >> china has a pollution crisis, levels so high it increases the risk of lung cancer there. it can slow plant growth and hurt the food supply. citizens there have been urged to stay indoors and wear face masks if they go outside. chinese officials are working on solutions to their smog problem. >> a newspaper in uganda responding to the strict new laws against gays and lesbians by printing the names of what it calls the nation's top 200 gays. it has raised fears of anti gay violence with some calling it a which hunt. a lot of citizens are fleeing in fear for their lives. on monday, the president signed a bill making homosexuality a crime. >> boys have been killed in nigeria, fighters responsible. they say the male and female students separated, the girls told to go home, the boys shot and stabbed to death. the school was burned to the ground with students locked inside. n
you all be anything but this cat is that tensions are rising international observers have stressed that ukraine shoul't become a new battleground between east and west. jonas sound volunteers have begun pouring out of the documents left behind at the former ukrainian president's residence papers were found in the artificial lake happen when the victim yanukovich in machine media. others were found partially burnt. so if other journalists have on uncovered evidence of millions spent on construction furniture and even the animals is about the movie is a testament that some documents were collected from the surface of the wall to others retrieved by the drive is presented that would force up on the lake bed stuck on a sunday pops and we had to unfold and to try them immediately to preserve the information was wrong with this issue the thought that the king of munster. that in a scanning and uploading the papers onto a lined up the spilt website called yanukovich leak stopped cold in this undated these documents a very valuable. they could help prove corruption schemes used by that yan
also voted to send him to the international criminal court. they want them to look at the president's role in the killing of over 80 million -- 80 people by police. on tuesday, ukraine's parliament voted overwhelmingly to send viktor yanukovych to the international criminal courts after last week's deadly crackdown on antigovernment protesters in kiev. the former interior minister and prosecutor general could also be sent to the hague. >> those who held government posts and law enforcement, those who gave orders and those executed those orders, all of them will be punished. can be called to investigate by countries that -- the statute and the that establish the hague tribunal. ukraine is not a signatory but it could ask the court to convene. the security council can refer cases while individuals and toanizations can ask me icc examine crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide allegations. but in all cases, the courts can only investigate if the country where the alleged abuse took place is unable or unwilling to do so. that could be an issue as ukraine's active prosecutor has
the former press victor yanukovych was ousted there, still protesters in the eastern part of the ukraine who support him. and yanukovych has disappeared and the parliament has voted to send him, if he's ever found to the international criminal court and charges of mass murder. nick schifrin has been following the story. he's joining us now from eastern ukraine. and nick, what are you hearing there? >> reporter: good evening, john. this is really in the middle of a divided ukraine. and a divided city. right behind me, that is what is supposed to be the local government building, instead it's been taken over by opposition activists, the same opposition activist that his took over independence square in kiev and are largely running the government at this point. but this town is the majority of it, at least is pro russian, very much against what's happened in kiev and a few hundred feet from me is the largest lennon statue in all of the ukraine, it's a giant symbol of how this city still feels connected not to the west, but to the east. under the gaze of the man who founded the soviet union, ukr
. >>> let's move to ukraine. the interim authorities have ordered the riot police and marks men to be disbanded. they were seen to be responsible for the targeting killing in kiev last week. russia appealed for international condemnation for what it says is increasing, as it put it, neo fascist sentiment in the west of ukraine. the foreign minister sergei lavrov says there's an attempt to turn russian-speaking residents into non-citizens. live to independence square, tim willcox. >> reporter: this national unity government is expected to be announced tomorrow. parliament is sitting today. we're expecting remarkable, extraordinary scenes later on. the potential cabinet ministers are due to be paraded on the stage just behind me here in independence square. at 7:00 local time, in some sort of x factor style, reality tv parade so the crowd can hear who they are and presumably cheer or boo if they are unhappy. then those cabinet ministers will be voted in, or perhaps not, by parliament tomorrow. you were mentioning, also that the riot police, the marks men, the snipers who many here
it to ukraine which is seeking to send it to house the president of the international criminal court. let's get a check on the headlines from around the world. our uni and study by tapping the center. let's begin with the latest added eat it. hi guys in each of the court has sentenced twenty six people to death for forming a group and plotting attacks on ships passing through the suez canal. or a criminal court judges said the men were also accused of manufacturing missiles in an external system. twenty six defendants except for one were tried in absentia as enhancing comes a day after a new fine minister ibrahim ahmad about to quote frost terrorism in all corners of the country. in ukraine them the ability to send ousted president a tory geico they choose whereabouts are still unknown to the international criminal court of the sf more than one hundred anti government protesters earlier this week a chemical that was indicted by the ten governments for mass murder. as for those who held posts in law enforcement structure. those who gave orders and those who executed those orders with all of the
. ukraine is not likely to receive international financial support until there is a new government. meanwhile, the whereabouts of former president victor yanukovych who fled on saturday remain unknown. the u.s. government says it's expelling three venezuelan diplomats a response to venezuela's decision last week to ex-people three u.s. diplomats from caracas, venezuela la press nicholas ma e a said they were plotting against them. the state of colorado is finding out how much tax revenue it earned from marijuana sales, two shops reportedly made more than a million dollars in sales since pot became legal on the first of the year. those are the headlines, i am john siegenthaler see you back here at 11:00 eastern, 8:00 pacific. coming up now, a citrus disease. "consider this" with antonio month mora is up next. remember you can get the latest news on al jazerra d aljazerra.. we'll see you back here at 11:00. >>> the gay rights battle heats up again after controversial comments from attorney general eric holder. also violence is still gripping venezuela, will a new attempt at reconcili
government ukraine is not likely to receive international financial support. and former president viktor yanukovych is still on the run. those are the headlines. "america tonight" is next. >>> on "america tonight," peril lies the medical mystery alarming parents. >> i saw her left hand mid grasp stop working. >> and puzzling doctors. >> our suspicion is that this is a virus, but that's unproven. >> a polio-like illness playing children leaving little hope of recovery. also tonight, it's considered one of the most dangerous jobs in america. caring for the elderly. in our special series aging america, a closer look at the courageous caretakers who aren't often well taken care of themselves. he
icahn is entertaining. ukraine, president? , put on the international wanted list. ousted, of course, by parliament on saturday. there has been a manhunt looking for where he is hiding. murderow wanted for mass , connected obviously with the shooting deaths of protesters and he have. both sides killed people, but this guy drew the short straw. a new prime minister was named, but i believe that that is just for a short time. they will have elections. who are they going to get? >> princess leia, we will call her. has a very big following, yes, but is also very polarizing. >> this new prime minister, the opposition has expressed formal support for, he is the head of the party. >> how formal is it? a bunch of guys saying yes? not that formal. >> right. you know what i think is incredible that i read today about how divided this country is? lam, somewhere in the eastern part of russia or the ukraine, where the russian speaking people live. >> rush already, right? >> apparently he did not even learn ukrainian until he was in his 30's. >> i wonder if he is going to end up working with edwar
and international partners such as the eu have also urged the international community to support an independent and hold ukraine . part of a person's brain in the event that it was abandoned in an accident and that all dates now imagine you can replace that part of the brain but the microchip that would enable it to function normally. this is what we are scientists are working on and tell of the university. when i'm going to into dinner nutrient and experiments with truth to what you would see tuned to see bill correlation wants to get the code into a student to think the coach is going to record a tv tuned to the aliens. in it so no winter the case. indio ca here to kind of took the tickets. i make him a gun one of the students who show you what we are doing good than you would do it we all threw it onto my reclusive dead. our purpose in the fraud that is to not fix the damaged brain. but to replace it. place the knot with another biological brain but with synthetic brand and a microchip. this part of the brain which we are replacing know what it has and has two inputs and we have one line of
are going to step in and save the date for ukraine. with bicycle iam a sweetheart. catherine ashton saying today and yesterday the european union is ready to help and to weave sickness from the international monetary fund that they are waiting to have this led to avoid bankruptcy of the ukraine. but i'm nice first they have to fold this government and then. and they should ensure a concrete steps fall wreath forms of the economic system. um the ukraine isn't really that state and already in december one of the bankruptcy for ukraine. do we need to be concerned about separatist tensions in the country. it is when many people he on the independence crap behind me to the um separatism they do fear that part of ukraine my dearest little food and especially the crimea and peninsula and we still practice is bringing a big banner india to independence korea to stay sane on the east and west tonight still at the coffee is sad but on the other hand we heard and be a prime minister of the crimean peninsula say that he is ready to do whatever he can to support the new government in kiev marcus ran th
there is a new government ukraine is not likely to receive international financial support. and former president viktor yanukovych is still on the run. those are the headlines. "america tonight" is next. >>> on "america tonight," peril lies the medical mystery alarming parents. >> i saw her left hand mid grasp stop working. >> and puzzling doctors. >> our suspicion is that this is a virus, but that's unproven. >> a polio-like illness playing children leaving little hope of recovery. also tonight, it's considered one of the most dangerous jobs in america. caring for the elderly. in our special series aging america, a closer look at the courageous caretakers who aren't often well taken care of themselves. >> they want to pay you $5 an hour and they want to you work 10, 12 hours a day. >> and taking back the street. art, new orleans neighbors rain down on the thieves who tried to take their bank see . >>> good everything, thanks for joining us, i am adam may, joie chen is on assignment a misterly ailment is battling doctor in california. the symptoms are a lot like polio a disease that has not been
with a fox news alert. ukraine's ousted president placed on an international wanted list for the mass murder of government protesters. that is creating a deeper rift within the country. great to see you. i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. ukraine's western half, the ukrainian-speaking, pro-european side, against the russian-speaking portion backed by moscow saying terrorists are imposing their will in ukraine. some people are openly calling for cessation, a split from the country. greg palkot is there. >> reporter: we're seeing unrest in some areas of ukraine the past couple days. some people are upset about the western tilt to the revolution sweeping that country. crimea, home to a big ethnic russian population, people were out protesting change and yes, even calling for secession for ukraine. there is one unconfirmed report of one death. crimea again is the home port for the russian black sea fleet and russian firms today said they would take measures to safeguard the facility amidst a broader call of a urgent drill of russian armed forces in the western part of russia, including along the
-- day. the international monetary fund director said the imf is send a team to ukraine sue bird we are joined on the phone from tf -- kiev. what is the financial situation like five days after the revolution? it is pretty precarious. >> we had a meeting yesterday with the central bank governor. it was the first interview he had given in the week and he was giving interesting numbers. cap wished -- cash withdrawals fell 7%. he gives you a sense of the financial panic that really battered the financial system at the end of last week. that situation has stabilized and they are still desperately trying to persuade the ee you and the imf to give them a bailout that might be worth as much as $35 billion. for that to happen they need to form a new government and that has not happened yet. >> what are the prospects like for a bailout? >> it depends on who you speak to. there is a sense coming out of kiev that all they need to do is put together a government and it will get the money. they are aiming high with their $35 billion request. that it to bear in mind is a slamdunk that angela merk
into the international criminal court in the hate. we have more on ukraine's efforts to rebuild its government. coming up, retailers post mixed results on the earnings front. shares are heading higher. we will take a look at what is driving that rally. ♪ >> the u.s. supreme court ruled today that class action lawsuit from investors who lost billions in a massive ponzi scheme can go forward. the decision is a lost for individuals and law firm companies who allegedly aided the fraud. sanford was sentenced to 120 -- in prison.ent byy supposedly were backed investments and securities issued by governments and multinational companies and international banks. those investments did not exist. mixed results from the half-dozen retailers that reported cap quarter earnings today. most eight or lower expectations. >> hi mark. we have seen a lot of negativity coming from the retailers. a lot of it has to do with the winter weather. yesterday,eporting and their ceo sums it up, before january sales were due, there was an unusual harsh winter. there were 244 macy's that were close because of the weather. the retailer
summers from novena want to thank you very much for retirement. stay with us your own art international is we bring you updates and expert analysis on the uprising in ukraine every hour still to come we report on whether the u s troops will be leaving afghanistan for good this and more. after a short book. i am. winter is when this comes in the leases palm trees of the houses. the policing of the biggest events of. desert festival. it is the meeting camel races and spent the last year preparing for the grueling marathon the day before the race is a heavy sandstorm. overcoming the power of nature is never ending challenge. because of winter policy. goose july the dough. she was concerned you can use that degree. it used to access key to haunt you . the sixty minutes past the hour president barack obama is warning his afghan counterpart washington maple all of its troops out of afghanistan by year's end signing a bilateral security deal looking like at the moment but ortiz guy in hd on says the us may be reluctant though to cut back its influence in the region a sunny day for the obama tr
the international monetary funneled, the european union and other interested parties say they want that they want to help the ukraine with the economic crisis it's going through, but they can't do that until the new government is formed. will a new government, though, once it is formed, be able to make commitments that ukraine will follow even i if that means an austerity program that might not be popular in ukraine and could push the economy in recession? >> we perfectly understand that we need to build trust to bring a government from scratch. but unfortunately ukraine has had the reputation of one the most corrupt countries around the world and i than the new administration and the people of ukraine are really committed to deep profound reforms, so when we are talking about the future it means fighting against corruption, respecting human rights and means trust from your friends around the world. >> we just saw a picture of vitale klischko on the floor of parliament there, he has announced that he will run for president. he's a former heavyweight boxing champion of the world and one of the lea
. >>> parliament in ukraine has voted to ask the international criminal court to try ousted president viktor yanukovych. he is still on the run after being forced out in the rebellion. the icc says for now it has no authority over the ukraine. the riot police is being disbanded. >>> aaron hernandez now in jail on murder charges. police tell us that hernandez was involved in a fight with a fellow inmate. they are not giving any details of what happened. hernandez is supposed to be isolated from other inmates because of his high profile status. >>> this story is crazy. a mother day -- a modern day mother load in california and possibly the biggest buried treasure find ever in the u.s. couple out for a walk. they stumble upon more than 1,400 gold coins dating back from the gold rush area. they were buried in eight rusty cans in their backyard. really, this is making me nuts. although the face value adds up to $27,000, the coins are worth an estimated $10 million. >> i don't get the partially buried part. what does that mean? >> they were walking along -- >> look at that rock. oh! >> now i get i
perspectives. >> appreciate it. >> and now to ukraine and what many there had feared. their former president is now an international fugitive and it appears that russia is getting ready to pounce. pro and anti-russian protesters are clashing in the ukraine region and with his eyes now off the winter olympics, sochi is finished and putin and the black sea is watching as russia moves the naval fleet. it connects ukraine. it connects to russia in the east. it's an area where ukraine's former president and a friend to russia is believed to be hiding out. of course the violent clashes we saw over the past couple of weeks were a collect result of a split between pro russian ukrainians and those who wanted ties to join european union with that treaty in november. coming up, for years amanda knox and her ex-seemed united. seemed being the key word. in their declarations of innocence. now that could be changing. hear why her ex-said knox behaved strangely. why for ben affleck and john kerry hanging out together on capitol hill. argo came up. we will talk about that. nfl star aaron hernandez behind ba
then be an international situation. and i think it would go far beyond the-- beyond the ukraine. i think the white house actually put out a statement today where they did reference an agreement where osce members really should be informing each other of any -- >> being european security. >> yeah. >> organizations, although the russians have before intervened in countries or threatened to intervene where they see the russian speaking people need pog protection. they did, they threatened this a lot in the baltic states in the 1990s. and that is one of the pretexts that they could use. >> fiona hill, what is the impact? how is a statement like the one that cameç out today, secretary kerry saying it would be a terrible mistake or words to that affect for the russians to do something, the white house itself putting out a statement. how is that read by moscow do you think? >> the problem we have right now is we have all kinds of competing narratives about what is happening. the russians have also been accusing frankly the united stitz and the european union have directly intervening here as well. so sometim
. >>> ukraine is now in a financial crisis, its economy paralyzed by those massive protests that ended in bloodshed last week. as the nation's leadership appeals to the international community for a $35 billion bailout its citizens now are shocked to find out that the former president lived a secret life of extravagance and oppulence. >> reporter: ten miles outside the center of kiev, viktor yanukovych's massive estate, complete with a mansion, pool house, spa, zoo, and even an ostrich farm. inside the main residence it seems nearly everything is gilded in gold, except for this white baby grand piano, a steinway. massive bedrooms, inlaid mosaic tile in this bathroom, a coat closet bigger than many a bedroom which still contains dozens of luxury cashmere coats. the palace, as the ukrainians call it is guarded. they say they're there to prevent the thousands of ukranian tourists from raiding what's left along the way we spoke to these gentlemen who came after seeing it on tv. they can't believe the former president lived like this in a country which is still so poor compared to the rest
international -- >> i'm learning. >> michelle caruso-cabrera, the ukraine's central bank is trying to keep the country from going off the financial tracks. michelle is there in kiev. >> reporter: hey there, becky. we have confirmation from an executive from the central bank of ukraine thathas been a change in policy here. they have abandoned peg of the hirivnia to the dollar and you'll see one month that's what's been happening over the last several days for a long time they managed a peg of eight hryvnia to the dollar. today it's at ten. what we didn't know for the last several days as we saw it weaken was this a thought out policy response they were doing on purpose or was this the result of the chaos going on because of the change in government, the ousting of the previous central bank head, et cetera, et cetera. today we have confirmation from sergei krulich, director of international affairs at the central bank. i started by asking him why is the currency weakening. >> because first crisis, second panic of the people, third we agreed policy of the flexible exchange rate, so it should
space overall. >>> in ukraine, russian president vladimir putin ordered an meet test of combat readiness in western russia. chief international correspondent michelle caru caruso-cabrera is live. is there rhetoric from medevev and now this. where are we headed? >> that's the big question, and we'll show you video in a moment of a situation that's going on. let's tell you what's happening here in my right shoulder. 45 minutes, there's going to be a big meeting down there. the protesters along with the current acting leaders are going to discuss who the new members of cabinet are going to be with the protesters, trying to get approval so that way they can announce a new government tomorrow. we'll go down there and see what it's like. it's crucial to form a new government because the imf, international countries that want to lend this -- lend ukraine money need somebody to negotiate with. right now they don't have anybody to give money to. that's an important step. let's show you why they need the money. look at ukraine's currency. it's now trading at 10, maybe even weaker. it was 8 to the
there possibly could be here other than somebody, whether it's the u.s., a combination of international bodies, extending billions of dollars of aid to ukraine or if there's some other outcome that we're not thinking about at the moment. >> well, the united states, the imf, eu are all interested in providing economic assistance, but it has to be tied to economic reforms, and this has been the challenge in the past. russia has moved in with its $15 billion aid proposal without any conditions. they just simply want to make sure that they continue to be a dominant force in the region and have moved in in that particular gap. and so what we have to insist upon is the ukrainian people have to decide for themselves what kind of a future do you want? one in which you can see the kind of prosperity that's been generated in free and open markets as opposed to what you have with high level corruption, capitalism that's gone amok in ukraine, kleptocracy, et cetera. we need to see what kind of reforms they as a people are prepared to make. it's going to take some time. you're not going to change these ins
situation in nigeria later in the program. >> woodruff: lawmakers in ukraine have put off forming a new government until thursday, amid ongoing political tensions. they also voted today to send ousted president viktor yanukovych to the international criminal court, if he's ever caught. meanwhile, his temporary successor voiced concerns about signs of separatism in the mainly-russian speaking republic of crimea. james mates of independent television news is in crimea with this report. >> reporter: if ukraine's new leaders are worried about their country splitting in two nowhere is that danger greater than in its southernmost territory, the crimea. the flags you see at demonstrations here are russian. the demands, stop maidan. stop what is happening in kiev. "russia, russia" they shout and demand a referendum on rejoining what they call the motherland. >> crimea and russia is one, it's one nation. >> reporter: are you russian or ukrainian? >> my passport is ukrainian but i am russian. it is in this atmosphere that the new acting president of ukraine told parliament today he was heading to
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